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Driving a Modded Nissan GTR

Stefan Williams

Welcome to our latest modified car review series. We will be focusing on cars like this 2014 Nissan GTR with full bolt ons and a tune. The goal is to show you all what it's like driving these cars and comparing it to the speed of a Dodge Hellcat.

Kiser Cigars and Coffee 2018

Stefan Williams

Special thanks to Kiser Cigars and Cars for having us at their annual car show. My favorite part was using the launch control system in the hellcat to make the 2 step sound. Craziest part is, the hellcat is stock exhaust and it's that loud, can you imagine when we do exhaust?

Queens NYC Pop up Meet Recap

Stefan Williams

These pop up meets we host are really becoming a real secret society of those in the know. Take this one for example, there was a 24 hour notice and this was the turnout. Keep up with our secret events by following us on Instagram @Mod2Fame

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Racing in The Rain at The Youtuber SpeedFest

Stefan Williams

After a torturous trip going to the Youtuber SpeedFest we started the race day with consistent rain. In addition to the rain TGCR and Demonology started a war with Cheapokitty. It seemed like our trip to the event of a complete waste of time, money, and effort. 

Just as we were about to pack up and go home, the skies opened, the sun came out and we had the time of our lives.